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The new HDJ-500 headphones provide maximum performance and versatility for any type of use, from DJing to casual listening. Designed for exceptional fidelity, style, comfort and affordability and available in red, black and white.
PHX premium headphones incorporate an isolating, closed–ear design with 50mm neodymium magnet drivers, for professional–quality high output. The PHX package comes with 2 styles of interchangeable ear pads and 3 types of cables. A special 2–part ear cup design incorporates a rubber/silicone casing for a comfortable and secure fit.
You want absolute quality, style, and comfort on the decks, or at the studio? Technics has the 'phones to fit your needs. Closed-ear designs ensure that you hear every note, folding swing-arms allow for one-sided monitoring, the 24k gold plated stereo plugs make flawless contact, and every set is made to handle very high volumes.
Pioneer HDJ-2000 Professional High End DJ Headphones - fully closed, 36ohm impedance, 107dB, 5Hz-30kHz, 3.5mm mini-jack, 1.2m cable, includes gold plated 1/4" jack to mini-jack adapter. Weight: 290g excluding cable.
Numark - Professional headphones
Professional headphones with detach cables USB & Analog. You can use PHX USB with mixers, CD players, and other analog gear. Connect the USB cable and you can cue right out of your computer with no need for an interface box! They employ an isolating, closed–cup design for great isolation from outside noise. 50mm neodymium drivers produce the clean, high output you need in the booth or on stage.
BEHRINGER High-Definition DJ Headphones
High-Definition DJ Headphones. High-definition bass and super-transparent highs. Ultra-high dynamic range. High-efficiency cobalt capsule. 1/8" connector plus 1/4" adapter included. Single-sided cord with oxygen-free copper wires. Rotating, reversible round-shaped ear cups
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Pioneer HDJ-500 DJ headphones
Pioneer Pro Headphones HDJ4000